Featured On: The Daybook

Sydney Poulton of The Daybook styled up my Olivia in Oatmeal cowl and I love how it looks! She is one special lady and I'm so happy to see her wearing something from my shop.  I'm also offering her readers and exclusive discount this week only.
Thanks so much Sydney!


  1. I noticed that earlier. She is a great model for your work - which really needs no model at all. It is all so lovely.

    The Auspicious Life

  2. I just wanted to let comment back about your jeggings question. These particular ones are little different from regular jeggings since they have a zipper, but other jeggings are basically just denim look leggings. Mine actually have so much stretch and lycra that they look like children's pants before I put them on. Its quite funny:)

    ps. I love your cowls! So cute!


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