Sydney Wearing Taylor House

The adorable Sydney Poulton of The Daybook has already worn my Olivia cowl on her blog, but then I spotted it two more times.

If you have bought something from the shop and have styled it, take a picture and email me! I love to see how ladies style each cowl differently.

*Photographs used with permission.


  1. The first outfit is chic to the maximum. It sort of looks like a look from Chloe Fall 2010 Collection.

  2. She looks so cute in both outfits. That scarf really makes the outfits work well!

  3. I love these outfits!! Heading to your shop now, the scarf is gorgeous!!


  4. So cute pics. :)

    Your blog is lovely!:)

  5. I really wanted to get one of these in cream! They are so beautiful! I love how she styled it. Good work to the creator and wearer! :-)

  6. That oatmeal cowl will be mine I tell you! Mark my words! Enjoy your school break, and don't work the whole time. Make sure to relax and enjoy a break girlie. xo

  7. mark my word, chaucee - i WILL buy one of your cowls! i love them so much!

    sydney styles them so cutely, too.
    xx elanor


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