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I can't remember exactly when I "met" Marisa, but I feel like I've know her for quite some time. She is such a genuine, beautiful lady. I also am happy to have found another Pennsylvanian blogger! Woo!

If you want to know why she loves bows so much and where she gets inspired then continue reading below! And in the meantime check out her beautifully original blog Shades of Monet.
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Your outfits are so unlike any other fashion blogger...
how do you think up these beautiful outfits?

I guess for me the trick is that I really don't think up anything at all. I am always in such a rush in the morning waking up at 4 am, caring for my 11 month old son, and commuting a little ways to work. I pretty much so just grab and go and hope for the best. Sometimes it works out beautifully and other times probably not so much, but as long as I have interchangeable pieces in my wardrobe - such as a standard black blazer, a simple cardi, and lots of headbands and colored tights which easily pair up with any of my dresses, I can always find ways to keep my outfits fun and interesting.

What fun tradition do you enjoy each year?
Family vacations!! Every year my parents plan a family vacation for all of us ...either in Hilton Head, SC or Orlando, Florida. I couldn't be more thankful for this. It's seriously one of the things I look most forward to each and every year.  We all have so much fun together and have made so many awesome memories that will last a lifetime.
When did you start wearing big bows?
Wearing big bows was practically inbred in me. As a child my mom made gorgeous ornate hair bows for a local children's boutique. She wore the bows on my little sister and I for as long as I can remember. (I was even in several of those cheesy fashion shows you see at hotels, modeling them..hehe.) Over the past couple years I fell in love big bows again and they have pretty much so become a vital part of my personal style.

What does a normal weekend look like for you?
Weekends for me are pretty chill. Because I am up so early on the weekdays and work full time, I love sleeping in on the weekend, taking lots of time to play with my son, enjoying little ventures out with my hubby, lots of time with family, and perhaps a little shopping and coffee shop stops:) It's certainly not glamourous, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.
What's most important to you?
Family and my faith. Without either of those things, I would feel very lost.

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