Style Files: Down On The Wire

The last few days have been filled with packing, more packing, and tying up some loose ends. 
Like my typical self, I'm struggling with what to wear to the airport. It's always so tricky! It's warm and hot in the plane and airport, but once I step outside it will be freezing.  So I'm still deciding how many layers to take on the plane. Oh boy.  Any suggestions would be great!  Lucky for me, I have a great guy that helps me with these important decisions :D Haha.
This is the second skirt that I got with my Christmas gift card from Francesca's. I actually first saw this in a shopping bag my sister brought home earlier this month. Lucky for me my sister has great taste! Thankfully she didn't mind me buying the same skirt.  We rarely see each other, even though we go to the same school, so it's all good : )
Well, I'm off to finish packing! Hope you have a GREAT Wednesday.

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