It's About To Get Technical

I believe I was laughing in these photos because I wasn't quite sure about this outfit. It's more a slub around and do homework kind of outfit, and apparently I thought you might like to see what! I'm sorry for my lapse in judgement....I wore this over the weekend while packing away the hours and hours in homework time. I can't wait to come up from underneath this mountain of homework!

On another note, if you're interested in seeing me in a non-slub outfit, come out tonight to the Blogger's Panel Talk at the Philly Tech Week! I'll be talking (hopefully, that's the plan, unless I freeze from fear) about blogging and photography. There's also some other great Philly bloggers on the panel to discuss culture, blogging, and being a writer in Philadelphia. So come out and say hello! I promise to be your friend forever. But really...forever.

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