Introducing The Interns!

About a month ago I put out an post about hiring an intern. Streets & Stripes is expanding, and while it's been my personal labor of love for the past four years, I'm happy to now how two wonderful young ladies contributing for the next few months. So without further adeu, here are the two new additions to the Streets & Stripes team!
 Marissa Oswald
I’m in love with everything Streets & Stripes evokes; style,photography, Philadelphia and Chaucee! I would love to combine my interests in music and street culture into a career writing for a magazine, namely Dazed and Confused. I’d live anywhere as long as I could brew my own kombucha and be walking distance from both grafitti and a garden. My favorite person would have the style of Rihanna, the face of Grace Kelly and the soul of Jeff Bridges. You can check me out on TwitterTumblr and Instagram (@maryy__jane).

Lindsay Thomson
Hi! My name is Lindsay Thomson, and I originally come from Doylestown, PA but grew up taking routine trips to Philly and eventually moved to North Philly for school. I currently attend Temple as an English and Visual Studies major at the Tyler School of Art. I've loved to write for as long as I can remember and these days I also channel my creativity into drawing and photography. I look forward to chronicling the great experiences I am to face in the company of creative personalities all chronicling Philadelphia as part of the Streets & Stripes team! I collect my inspiration and interests in fashion, art and literature here. You can also find my personal photographyhere and my Twitter here.
Photo by Jonifin Marvin

I'm SUPER excited about working alongside these girls. Their energy is great, and they are talented in writing and photography. So glad to have them on board!  You can read more about the mission and purpose of Streets & Stripes here.

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