Pretty Simple: May

The year 2013 started out differently for me than most other years. For a start, I was a self-employed freelancer. That could mean two of one things. I was either hopelessly broke or I was somehow making ends meet. Sometimes it was a balancing act of the two. I remember something I referred to as The Freelancer diet. This highly-progressive method of eating was dependent entirely upon my week's earnings, which were always fluctuating. Instead of buying sufficient groceries for the week, I would dream of ways I could invest that money into my business, or sometimes use it less-responsibly and buy that something I was always wanting. It wasn't a good way to manage money, but it sure did help with my waistline. *Not recommended*

Anyways, I'll get to the point. In the beginning of 2013 I was frustrated. I wasn't really happy with how I was living. As a freelancer you're basically a professional hustler, and while I was accomplishing goals professionally, I felt like I wasn't getting a lot done personally. So I decided to start tackling small tasks one by one that I had been meaning to do. I'd start out the month by writing down simple goals like "make a pie" (note, I still have yet to make a pie) and "go on more walks". I'd pepper it with more ambitions things like "write a business plan" and "try to keep a manicure nice for three days". But this practice only lasted two months. 

I can say almost certainly that I am the Queen of the non-routine (but you always gotta leave a little benefit of the doubt for yourself). I've never been good with self-discipline in my personal life, but somehow manage to be better at this in my work-life, and I'm not happy about that. I want to be able to stick to things. So this time I'm going to start out super small. Only 2-3 things per monthly list. And I'm taking more effecient measures to remind myself to pen new goals each month by setting alerts on my phone (unfortunately I've become immune to the classic sticky note method).

So for the month of May I plan to de-clutter, with a strong focus on my wardrobe, and go to bed when I feel tired and not when I get around to it. I'll call this effort Pretty Simple. Partly because I sometimes need to trick myself into doing things (I can admit that I sometimes have a lazy bone in me) so I imagine that if it's *pretty simple* I shouldn't have a hard time doing it, right? Right. Baby Steps.

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